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Do's & Don'ts for residents
Renting of Flats
  1. Members intending to rent out the flat are advised to seek permission from Hon. Secretary through an application (draft available), well in time and avoid last moment verbal or telephonic requests and avoid inconvenience to self and the prospective tenant.

  2. Upon finalization of a tenant, the member will be required to provide police verification of the tenant to Society for records before the tenant occupies the flat. It is a police requirement and needs to be complied with.  This is to be provided to the President/Hon. Secretary before the keys are handed over to the tenant for verification.

  3. Owners are advised to enter into a stamped Tripartite Agreement (between landlord, Tenant and Society) at the time of renting of flat and subsequent renewals.  Draft of Tripartite Agreement is available with the Society.  Where it is not feasible to enter into a tripartite agreement for genuine reasons, owners are advised to incorporate a clause in the agreement draft of which can be obtained from President/Secretary.  This is applicable to all the flats rented out in the future.

  4. Shifting charges of Rs.2000/= (non-refundable) are to be paid at the time of occupying the house and also at the time of vacating the house as the case may be. 

  5. Refundable security of Rs. 10000/= (Rupees ten thousand) is to be deposited with the Society against acknowledgment, by owner or tenant before the occupation of the flat by the tenant.  

  6. The tenants should be categorically advised not to shift the heavy household items on elevators.  Any damage to the elevator by this act will have to be compensated by the flat owner and it will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure this.

  7. Tenants are not allowed to carry out any renovations/alterations in the house unless specifically authorized by the flat owner and with the knowledge and permission of the Society.

  • Please note that tenants will not be allowed to occupy the house in the event of non-compliance of above.

  • Please note that in case of non-compliance with the above, permission may be denied to the prospective tenant to occupy the flat.


Renovation, refurbishment of the flats
  1. The flat owners are requested to intimate the Society in writing well in advance about the whitewash, renovation etc. they propose to carry out in near future.

  2. A security amount of Rs. 2000/= for only whitewash and Rs.5000/= for renovation of the flat is required to be deposited along with the intimation before commencement of work.  The Society reserves the right to appropriate the amount or charge additional amount in case damage is done to society infrastructure during the renovation.

  3. Members are requested not to make any additions/alterations in the common area of the society like corridors, stairs etc.

  4. Any alteration in the basic elevation of the buildings including paint/colour of outer walls is not permitted and member may be asked to remove/repairs such alterations, if carried out, at their cost and responsibilities.

  5. It will be the responsibility of the Owners to ensure that cleanliness of corridors, lifts etc. is maintained on daily basis during the course of renovation or else Society will get the area cleaned and the cost will have to be borne by owner of the flat.

  6. The concrete, waste and garbage etc. generated during the renovation have to be removed on weekly basis.  The Society will be constrained to remove the same, if not done, at the cost and responsibility of the flat owner.

  7. Henceforth, any renovation related activity will not be permitted in the common area like rooftop, stilt parking area etc.  In case the same are used, reasonable charges, as decided by the Managing Committee will be levied.

  8. In view of the inconvenience caused to the residents, renovation activities are not permitted beyond 6 pm.  The workers are expected to leave the premises by 6 pm daily. 

  9. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that the entry and exit of workers/labourers entering Society for renovation work etc. is invariably recorded at the entrance.  Society reserves right to deny entry to any worker if the entry is not recorded.

  10. The workers are required to maintain decorum within Society premises.  Anyone found misbehaving or indulging in undesirable activities will be asked to leave immediately.

  11. No worker is permitted to stay overnight in Society unless written permission is obtained from the Hon. Secretary.


Obligation of Residents

Entry of Guests

While we welcome all the guests visiting residents of the Society, the security guards have been instructed to record all guests entering the Society premises in the register kept at the gate.  We request that,

  1. Make sure that your guests record their entry and exit in the register kept for the purpose at the gate with guards.  No objection should be raised by the residents and/or guests.

  2. Multiple entries by the same person should be recorded.

  3. This is a security measure and must be strictly adhered to.

  4. Visitors should park their vehicles at the designated parking only.  Security guards have been instructed to ensure this and residents are requested not to pressurize the guards in any manner.

  5. In case of non availability of visitor’s parking inside, the guests should be advised to park outside.


Upkeep of Premises

Proper upkeep of the Society Premises is responsibility of all the residents of Prerana.  Following appeal is made to the residents;

  1.  Please do not litter.  Educate your children against littering.

  2. Please ensure that water from your air conditioners is properly disposed off and not allowed to fall on ground.  It is observed in few cases that this has spoiled the parking/ground floor.

  3. Arrangements have been made to collect garbage at door steps.  Residents are requested to hand over segregated garbage (dry and wet separately) to safai karamchari daily between 10 to 11 am as and when he comes.  Please do not put the garbage outside in corridor and make sure the same is handed over to safai karamchari only.  In case the garbage could not be given to safai karamchari  for whatever reason, residents are advised to personally ensure disposal thereof in respective bins placed on the ground floor.

  4. Care should be taken while watering the plants kept in corridors so that the corridors do not become slippery due to spilled water.  It may cause injury to residents and also enhances chances of mosquito breeding etc.  Please clean the area after watering the plants.

  5. Society is maintaining complaint registers for recording complaints related to plumbing, electricity, intercom, housekeeping etc.  Residents are requested to register their complaints in the respective register for redressal.  

  6. Pet owners are advised to ensure that the pets are not littering in Society premises.  It will be the responsibility of the pet owner to clean the place, in case their pet urinates or releases pooh in lift/Society compound etc.



  1. Covered Parking facility is being provided to residents on a rotational basis.

  2. Stickers are being provided for cars of all residents, any change in the status of ownership of cars (bought and/or sold) should be intimated to The Secretary with full particulars in the prescribed declaration form. 

  3. Parking is to be done at the designated parking space marked by the yellow line.

  4. Residents should NOT park their vehicles at a place marked for visitor’s parking.

  5. We request all residents to ensure proper parking of their vehicles. 

  6. A penalty of Rs.100/= per default of any of the above rules shall be levied for such violations which please note.



  1. The employees of the Society are required to work under the overall supervision of the Managing Committee. 

  2. They are expected to behave in a respectable manner with the members and residents.  Any incident of misbehavior etc. may please be brought to the notice of Hon. Secretary for appropriate action.

  3. At the same time residents are also requested to please treat the employees in a proper manner and not to insult them in any manner. 

  4. Any legitimate action by the Society employees or any information given by them on behalf of the Managing Committee is to be taken as coming from Managing Committee.  Any difference of opinion, objection etc. to be taken up with the Hon. Secretary and not with the employee.

  5. Please ensure a bare minimum speed of not more than 10 kmph within the premises

  6. Please do NOT use phone while driving. 

  7. The Society Guards are instructed to object to anyone who is found driving at higher a speed and/or using phone while driving.

  8. Please avoid placing furniture items etc. in the corridors.  Except properly kept and maintained plants, corridors should not be used for any storing.

  9. Please carry out identity and police verification of all your workers/maids etc. and submit to Society.  This is a police requirement and must be complied.  Police verification has to be done for all persons staying in the respective flat who are not family members of the resident/owner.

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